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Dear Parents,
Often times with the busyness of life, it's not possible to read every book before your child does. It's hard to keep up with all that's out there. You may have wished for a conservative Christian's opinion, or to merely have a rating system that you could rely on.

This website is for you.

We have a command to obey in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to "take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ." This is why this site was named Captive Thoughts. Unknowingly, our children - or even we ourselves - can let evil thoughts and unchristlike desires creep into our minds through reading. My hope is that this site will help you choose which books align with your values as a parent, and allow you to quickly review a book before it makes it into the mind of your child.

All reviews are broken down into an easy system. Not only is there a suggested age range, but all questionable content is broken down into sub-categories with a rating 0-10, 0 meaning the book is devoid of the subject, 10 meaning it is unlikely the subject could be any more extreme. "Christian Principles" will be ranked according to five categories: None, Minimum, Satisfactory, Good, and Excellent.

Caution: Reviews can be explicit in nature and contain spoilers. This site may not be appropriate for your child. To prevent the reader from stumbling on something they might wish to avoid, all review links themselves will be numbered. For instance, the book Invisible is labeled 7-5-4-N. The 7 stands for sexual content, the 5 is for violence, the 4 is for language, and the N stands for "None" in the Christian Principles category. Books that were too sordid for even the critic to endure may not have a full review because the critic could not finish reading it. Books of this nature will have a stamp on them to let you know they are extremely repulsive in nature.

The categories are as follows:

Sexuality - lists in detail everything having to do with romantic content, descriptions of anatomy and nudity, as well as actual sexual innuendo and actions
Violence - peril or pain, violent aggression, or anything to do with death
Language - lists how many times offensive words are used
Christian Principles - A brief description about the worldview portrayed in the book, how and if God is referred to and if it is Biblically accurate, how truths and consequences match up to God's standards, and how heaven and hell are represented.

Please contact me to leave a comment or question about the website. Or you may request a review of a certain book. If you specify, I will email you when the review comes available.

In Jesus Christ's love and in His saving blood,

RJ Conte