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Fenella Scarborough's family had been cursed by an obsessive fairy creature for generations. Now that the curse is broken, all Fenella wants to do is die peacefully and escape the pain all four hundred of her years have given her. However, she is still cursed with longevitivy, and the only way to break that second curse is to commit three acts of destruction against her family. Can she do it? And at what cost?

Sexuality: 9

A young woman feels naked under the scrutinizing gaze of a female fairy.
A creature is said to have "entangled" twenty innocent girls, wanting them like a spoiled child wants a toy, keeping them under a curse.
A creature, who looks like a man, is said to have beauty that "assaults the senses." Girls are said to be enticed and seduced by his looks.
A man creature calls a woman "my love."
A creature taunts a woman with the fact that her daughter "came to him."
A man-like creature sweeps his gaze up and down a woman.
A man's voice is said to seem to "draw a lingering, easy line down along the bare skin above the spine."
A man's fingers brush the inside of a woman's forearm.
A man gives a woman a "quick, wondering glance."
A woman thinks about how boys like girls and girls like boys.
A man gives a woman a bold backward glance that brings a flush to her cheeks.
A woman wonders about a creature's sex life. (No description.)
A cat accuses a woman of thinking about an attractive male.
A cat says a woman sings to a man in bed.
A man is described as a "hot new lover."
In a fictional song, a woman gets pregnant by her boyfriend.
A man has a look in his eyes that says he finds a young woman attractive.
A woman wears a tight t-shirt, and she likes how it feels on her body. She realizes she has forgotten to wear a bra under this shirt in front of a man.
A woman watches the bare skin at the base of a man's throgat, and watchs his adam's apple move up and down.
A woman kisses a man on the lips. They touch each other's cheeks.
After being in a fire, a woman is naked.
A woman listens in on another woman and her husband. She hopes they don't "make love." They don't. Instead, they hug each other tightly. They lie down to talk, bodies still touching.
A teenage girl imagines a dress that plumps out her breasts. She imagines her fiance taking part of the dress off.
A teenage girl teases a young man about her figure blooming.
A man creature's eyes sweep a teenage girl up and down many times.
A woman flings herself against a man's chest. He is tense, and then puts his arms around her.
A man kisses a woman's head.
A woman feels a man's breath in her hair as he tangles his fingers in it.
A woman rubs her cheek against a man's chest. She slides her hands up his back under his shirt. She thinks that his back and skin is so warm and smooth and muscled.
A man wipes a woman's tears with his finger.
A man kisses a woman's brow.
A man and woman kiss on the lips. She feels his breath come quicker. Their hearts "speed up." His body is said to be warm.
A woman grabs a man's hands and squeezes them.
A woman pulls a man's ponytail. She then brushes her body against his and is satisfied to hear his breath quicken, see his face flush, and feel his hands on her waist.
A woman thinks about how good it feels to be close to a man, have his hands on her, and feel his breath in her face. Her blood is said to hum.
A man and woman hold hands.
A cat accuses a woman of wanting to bury her troubles in "good sexual tension."
Fairy tales speak of making "wild love." (No description of this.)
A teenage girl gets pregnant with her fiance on purpose to outwit a fairy. She mentions that it was the right time of her cycle. She says that she rested in his arms that night.
A woman says that all of the women in their family were forced into pregnancy. (There is an implication of rape.)
A woman imagines hugging a man and pressing her body close. She remembers how he trembled and how his upper arms tighten "deliciously" around her. His lower lip is lush and enticing, moving against her "sensitive nerves."
A cat suggests that a woman use magic to make a married man forget his wife and fall for her. He says she "craves a man" and is "pretty frisky."
A woman is advised to brush up against a married man when they walk. She is advised to lean over so he can't help seeing down her shirt. (She rejects this advice.)
A man puts his hand on the small of a woman's back.
A woman imagines sleeping in a bed with a man.
A man kisses a woman on the nose. She wants him to kiss her lips, but he does not.
A man and woman's entire legs touch under a table.
A woman purposefully seduces a married man - her ancestor (great, great, great, etc. granddaughter's husband) to free herself from a curse. She brushes up against him, tries to be sexually aluring, and doesn't wear a bra. He looks down her shirt. She puts her hands on his hips and holds him against her. He looks lustful.
A woman longs for a man with her whole body.
A man fairy takes a teenage girl's hand and feels his body curve close to hers.
A man fairy tells a teenage girl he will love her forever.
Mention of "slutishness."
A man fairy stalks and claims a teenage girl, like a predator.
A woman climbs up on a man's lap, "desperate for contact." She feels his thighs underneath her legs.
A woman tries to kiss a man, but he brushes her off. Then they kiss for a long time.
A woman bites a man's mouth gently. He puts his arm around her, pulling her tightly to his chest. She "seeks his mouth" and finds it.
A man's body is said to tell a woman that he wants her. He says, "I almost believe that you want me the way you want me." She says, "I want you more."
A woman asks a man when the last time he had sex is.
A woman asks a man to release her hands so she can touch him.
A man sweats and a woman licks it. He makes a noise. He moves his hips.
A woman asks to finish what she's started with a man, implying sex.
A woman moves her hips on a man's lap.
A couple kisses "desperately."
A woman is upset that she will not get to have sexual relations with a man who she is not married to.
A man kisses a woman's neck in short nips that are like bites. He implies that he has not had sexual relations for a year.
A man talks about having sexual relations with a girlfriend he did not love.
A man asks a woman if she was raped.
A man tells a woman they could be arrested for public indecency as they kiss on a park bench.
A man creature whispers into a woman's ear about things he's done to her daughter and threatens another woman. (No description.)
A young woman puts a cell phone in her bra.
A woman brings a baby to her former rapist, but the baby is freed before any harm comes to her.
A woman thinks about all of the physical things she wants to do with a man.

Violence: 7

A branch of a tree tries to yank a woman backwards, but it does not succeed. Later restraining vines are whipped around the woman's waist.
A woman wants to die.
A creature is said to torture a woman for many years.
A woman's fingers look as if they threaten to gouge a creature's eyes out.
A cursed woman is said to have tried every method to kill herself: poision, drowning, fire, blade, hanging, and leaping.
A woman plunges a knife into her own body. The blade is said to slice through flesh and muscle and she twists it, with all her strength, up under her ribs towards her heart. Warm blood gushes onto her hands and the ground She is not in pain until after the knife is pulled out. She is magically healed instantly.
A woman hopes a creature will die so that she can see it and spit on his corpse.
A woman threatens to rip a creature apart and use his forepaw for a lute.
A young woman fairy purposefully cuts her arm. Blood wells up. She lays her arm against her brother's arm.
A cat wants to claw out a dog's eye.
A cat scratches a woman's arms. They bleed.
A woman wishes she had a truck to run a man creature down.
A cat screams out when a man offers to neuter him.
A cat is said to make a terrible noise that goes on and on until he coughs up a hairball.
A woman lights herself on fire. She burns off her feet. Her lungs and eyes are damaged, her flesh is blackened, crispy and melted. Skin burned away to expose bone. Pain sweeps through her and it is excruciating. She throws up. (She does not die, and her body completely heals itself.)
A family is watching their house be destroyed by fire. A baby's body is said to go rigid. (She is not hurt and it is unclear why she becomes "rigid.")
A family is concerned that one of their members died or commited suicide in a fire.
A fairy causes a young man to fall from a ladder, breaking his neck.
A woman talks about killing a dog and forcing his owner to watch a recording of it.
A woman tries to run over a dog, on purpose, with a truck, but she hits and almost kills a man instead. He is given blood transfusions and recovers.
A woman bites her lip and tastes blood.
A woman imagines killing herself and leaving her body as a gift to her angry family.
An old man creature's skin falls like deep folds over sharp bones.
A cat buts a woman's nose hard with his head.
A teenage girl holds the body of her dead fiance. His broken neck makes his head flop unnaturally to one side.
A woman thinks about her daughter's death. (It is not described.)
A man fairy's grip on a teenage girl's shoulders causes her pain.
A man holds a woman's wrists so tight, she wonders if he'll break them.
A woman threatens to drown a cat.
a young woman knocks a woman to the floor, grips her shoulders, shakes her, slaps, punches, and digs a knee into her stomach.
A woman tries to kill a cat with a broom.
A baby hits a woman in the chin.
A man creature's hair comes out in clumps. Teeth fall from his gums. Skin falls away from his cheeks. He rots to bone and then falls to the ground.
A woman asks for a knife to kill herself. She holds it above her stomach and just breaks through the skin when she is saved. There is blood on her stomach.
A woman is knocked to the ground and her elbow bleeds.

Language: 3

God's Name in vain is used six times
bas---- x2 - to describe an illegitimate child
"Shut up" is used four times
A man is said to curse
"stupid girl" is used twice.

Christian Principles: None

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