Copyright: 2012

Age: Elementary and younger


Two little girls pretend to use a wand to turn themselves into animals. Later Jesus Christ's death on the cross is used as a spiritual analogy.

Sexuality: 0


Violence: 1

It is mentioned that God came to earth to die to take our punishment for sin. It is likened to the girls' father getting spanked instead of the girl when she hits her sister.

Language: 0


Christian Principles: Excellent

Christ's sacrifice on the cross is clearly spoken of here in language little people might be able to understand. It is mentioned that He limited Himself and took the punishment for sin, because He loves us so much. It explains that He has so much power and is so mighty and created the whole world, that becoming human was of no benefit to Him in and of itself.
The resurrection, however, is not mentioned in this book.

Children play pretend using what is referred to as a "wand." They "poof" themselves into animals. It is clearly stated that is all in their imagination and that they are just having fun.

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