Copyright: 2004

Age: Elementary and younger


A day in the life of a baby - written in both Spanish and English for help in learning both languages.

Sexuality: 1

A baby girl is shown nude squatting next to a bathtub. (None of her private parts can be seen.)
A boy leans over a sleeping baby and kisses him.

Violence: 0

It is important to note that the book seems to be a bit outdated on safety for babies. One of the pages reads, "and a puff of powder." Recently it was theorized that using baby powder was harmful to babies' lungs.
Also, the last page shows a baby girl asleep on her stomach, which an overwhelming majority of pediatricians warn against. A baby's risk of SIDS has been found to be up to twelve times higher if he sleeps on his stomach, according to Betty McEntire, the executive director of the American SIDS Institute.

Language: 0

Christian Principles: None

No mention of the Lord or prayer in baby's day.

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