Copyright: 2006

Age: Adult


Douglas is an idiot savant without a social bone in his body. He has one best friend: the popular, fun, and caring Andy, good at everything that he does. All Douglas wants to do in life is be Andy’s friend, have blond beauty Melissa fall in love with him, everyone else at school to leave him alone, and to spend the rest of his life working on his intricately detailed train set in his basement. But the adults in his life, including parents, teachers, and his psychiatrist, all think there’s something very wrong with him. Are things not what they seem?

Sexuality: 7

There are lustful references to spying on a teenage girl, hoping she will undress, as well as explicit detail fantasizing about her anatomy. (CAUTION for teenage guys on this one, parents. Girls will just be disgusted by the one explicit reference, I think.)

Violence: 5

Tales of burn stories as well as explicit detail into a beating a teenage boy receives via kicking by other teenage boys

Language: 4

“Crap” is used often, “perv” occasionally, and a teenage boy is called many other names while he is being beat up

Christian Principles: None

Doug is not always punished for his sins. He lies often. He has a worldly psychiatrist who continually prescribes him medicine. His parents are portrayed as clueless and helpless. His father yells often. God is never mentioned. There is a foggy view of the afterlife. Teenagers get away with everything without consequences.

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