Copyright: 2008

Age: Adult


Katniss is one poor girl in a similarly poor village controlled by an evil government who, to keep the citizens in fear and under control, annually hosts the Hunger Games, a Roman colliseum meets The Lord of the Flies-type of event where children from the ages of twelve to eighteen all are placed in a deadly arena and expected to kill each other off until one is left standing. After deciding to take her chosen sister's place in the Games, what follows is a brutal description of the contest, where Katniss tries to survive at all costs, doing whatever it takes, even if it means the hardest thing of all: pretending to fall in love.

The critic would like to inform all interested in reading this book that it very much disturbed her, as the violence content is extremely high. However, the main reason for the bad taste left in the mouth of the critic was that all of the violence is between children done to other children, with no other reason than that the government liked to be entertained in this way. We understand that there have been civilizations where this type of barbaric and cruel entertainment was common, but feel like a book that describes this all in such detail, in a fictional way aimed at teens, is unneccessary and inappropriate. The elaborate, mass amounts of descriptions of children killing other children was troubling in many ways. This type of violence could be desensitizing to a child who does not have a mature conscience. Be wary of the child who says "it doesn't bother me." It should affect and sadden the one who chooses to read it.

Sexuality: 6

Most of the romance in the book is all an act. It is all fake according to the main character, who feels very little for the teenage boy she is being affectionate with. However, the boy truly loves her, making it clear that the teenage girl is misleading and defrauding him in her selfish attempt to survive. In this book, the girl does not reap consequences for what she has inflicted upon the boy, but succeeds in her mission to survive, possibly giving readers wrong views about playing with others' emotions.

A teenage girl thinks a teenage boy's smile is beautiful.
A teenage girl gives a boy a kiss
A teenage girl flings into a teenage boy's arms, kissing him.
A teenage girl and boy sit close with their heads against each other and arms around each other.
A teenage boy wraps his arms around a teenage girl
Two teenagers hold hands.
A teenage boy pulls a teenage girl down for a long kiss.
A teenage girl wears a dress that is said to be padded in the chest.
A teenage boy pulls a teenage girl in to kiss her and she collapses in his arms.
A teenage boy says he paid attention to girls, but they had no impression on him.
A teenage boy talks about always loving a teenage girl.
Two teenagers' lips touch.
Two teenagers give each other a gentle kiss.
A teenage boy and girl zip themselves into one jacket to survive.
A teenage boy wraps his arms around teenage girl. It is said they are locked in an embrace and can feel each other close.
A kiss is said to stir something in teenage girl's chest. It makes her curious and she wants another.
A teenage boy kisses a teenage girl on the nose.
A teenage boy kisses a teenage girl on the forehead.
A teenage boy and a teenage girl lie in a sleeping bag together. The teenage boy pulls the girl's head down to use her arm as a pillow. He rests his other arm over her.
A teenage girl removes her shirt to bandage a teenage boy.
Girls whisper about a good-looking teenage boy.
A teenage girl and boy hug. (Nothing romantic implied.)
A teenage girl is stripped entirely naked in front of a team of designers, including a young, attractive man, who wax her hair. (No sexual intent.)
A teenage girl and boy hold hands.
A teenage boy compliments a teenage girl about her looks. Warmth rushes through her.
A teenage girl kisses a teenage boy's cheek.
A teenage girl is said to not be sexy.
A teenage girl is said to look provocative in a see-through gown. Her body is said to be lush and sexy.
A teenage girl kisses a teenage boy awake. He smiles and gazes at her.
A teenage girl kisses a teenage boy multiple times in a row.
A teenage boy grabs a teenage girl's hand and kisses it.
A teenage boy strokes a teenage girl's hair. She doesn't want him to stop.
A teenage boy says he likes watching a teenage girl sleep.
A teenage girl wonders about a teenage boy being her boyfriend.
A teenage girl boy gives a teenage boy a long, lingering kiss just because she knows others are watching.
A teenage boy and girl entwine their fingers.
A man hints to a teenage girl that she needs to "play up" her romance for the TV.
A teenage boy is said to have a crush on a teenage girl.
A man kisses a teenage girl on the forehead. (No sexual intent.)
A teenage boy says he and a teenage girl are madly in love so she should feel free to kiss him any time she feels like it.
A teenage girl takes of a boy's shirt and pants to stop a deep wound from bleeding. She feels uncomfortable by his nakedness. He asks her for a kiss and says he doesn't care if she sees him without clothes.

Violence: 10

Every year some children are imprisoned in a vast outdoor arena to fight to the death, some as young as twelve years old. The entire country watches all the details on TV.
Dead teenagers' bodies are turned into ravenous, man-eating wolves.
A teenage girl shoots an arrow into another teenage girl's arm.
A teenage boy and girl threaten to kill themselves together by eating poisonous berries.
A knife hits a teenage girl on the forehead and slices down her right eyebrow. The gash blinds her eye and fills her mouth with blood.
A teenage girl jams her fist into another teenage girl. The girl grabs her hair and threatens to cut her mouth out. The other girl spits blood and saliva at her face.
A teenage boy flings a teenage girl to the ground and then brings a rock down on her head, creating a dent and killing her.
A teenage girl plunges a needle twice into a teenage boy. (She is trying to save him.)
A teenage girl dies from eating poisonous berries.
A teenage girl stabs a wolf that has the eyes of a teenage girl she once knew.
Wolves chase a group of teenagers. One bites a teenage boy's calf.
Teenagers almost dehydrate.
A group of people set a forest on fire, trying to kill teenagers trapped in an arena. A teenage girl runs away from it, branches cutting her face. Her lungs burn. She vomits. The people shoot fireballs at her. Her calf catches on fire and her hands are full of red welts. A teenager receives a thigh wound that is burned to the bone. It is said that a teenager dies from the fire.
A teenage girl shoots a teenage boy in the hand and he falls into the group of wolves that are attacking.
A teenage girl drops mutated wasps on a group of teenagers trying to kill her. They sting them and some die. She watches some fall, twitch, and go still. A teenage girl receives hallucinations from her stings. She is driven to madness. She thinks she sees a teenage girl with swollen lumps from the sitings explode, her flesh disintegrating.
People are said to be whipped for eating the crops they harvest for the government, even though they are starving. The soldiers make everyone watch the punishment.
Soldiers are said to have killed a boy for keeping a pair of sunglasses.
A teenage boy says another teenage boy he has cut up will bleed to death.
A teenage boy happily plans exactly how he will murder a teenage girl.
A teenage girl drops a ball and a land mine goes off. It is said they have to scrape bits of her off the ground.
Mines go off and ears turn bloody.
A teenage boy moans for hours as wolves tear at him, keeping him alive only to maul him to pieces. He begs for other teenagers to kill him. A teenage girl finally shoots him with an arrow to end his suffering.
It is mentioned that another teenager, while in the killing arena, would eat the other teenagers' hearts after killing them. Finally authorities had to stun him with an electric gun so he would stop eating his victims.
Teenagers have trackers inserted under their skin. A teenage girl presses on her tracker until she bruises.
A teenage girl gnaws on her cheek until she tastes blood.
A teenage boy talks about a teenage girl pleading with agonized screams as they killed her. "I stuck her myself," he says, proudly. "Go finish her."
A teenage boy's face is swollen with bruises, a bloody bandage is on his arm, and he is limping.
A teenage boy breaks another teenage boy's neck.
A teenage girl eats raw fish.
A girl is speared in a net. A teenage girl shoots the boy who speared her in the neck. She yanks the arrow out and he drowns in blood. She then examines the girl. The spear is buried in her stomach. She dies.
A teenage boy is cut on the leg. Moving puts him in terrible pain. His leg oozes pus and is cut down to the bone.
A teenage girl shoots a buck and slits its throat.
A teenage girl kills, skins, and eats a dead rabbit.
A teenage girl washes vomit off a man.
A man punches a teenage boy in the jaw.
A teenage girl drives a knife into a table, almost hitting a man's fingers.
A teenage girl feels pain having her legs waxed.
A teenage girl has her tongue cut out because she and a teenage boy tried to escape a village. The teenage boy was speared to death.
A teenage girl until the ragged flesh is bleeding.
A teenage girl hits an animal in the eye with an arrow.
A teenage boy practices throwing a spear through a dummy's heart.
A teeange girl's hand bleeds from breaking a plate.
A teenage girl shoves a teenage boy into a window. Blood flows from his hands.
An electric fence is set up that keeps teenagers from committing suicide by jumping from a roof.
A teenage girl wants to drown a cat. The cat has half an eary missing and its belly is full of worms.
When a teenage girl cleans an animal, she feeds a cat the entrails.
Men and women are said to have swollen knuckles from work.
A teenage girl's father was said to have been blown to bits in a mine explosion.
A teenage girl kills a lynx.
A teenage girl says she would rather die of a bullet to the head than of hunger.
A teenage girl recalls falling from a tree onto her back and the wind being knocked out of her.
A man falls off a stage, unconscious.
Hot bread burns a girl's skin.
A teenage girl almost starves to death.
A woman hits her son until he has welts.
A girl wants to lie down and die from starvation.
A teenage girl thinks about slitting the throat of a teenage boy who helps her.
A teenage girl knows twenty different ways to kill with a knife.
Teenagers bludgeon each other with a spiked mace.
Teenagers are said to die of snake bites, thirst, and cold.
A teenage girl is said to have pretended to be a coward and then to have killed visciously.
A woman makes a dish of mice meat, ping entrails, and tree bark.
A drunk man vomits.
Teenagers have sixty seconds to step off a cylinder or land mines will blow their legs off.
A teenage boy coughs blood into another's face. He has a knife in his back.
A teenage girl runs at another teenage girl with knives. She throws one, but it hits her backpack.
There is an immediate bloodbath as teenagers try to grab supplies to keep themselves alive and weapons to fight with. Eleven die.
Urine of a dehydrated teenage girl is said to be dark brown.

Language: 3

Witch is used twice.
"Get the he--"
"Shut up"
A woman is said to mutter obscenities.

Christian Principles: None

"May the odds be in your favor."
The above phrase, which is repeated many times in the book, sums up its complete religious view (or lack thereof). There is no higher power, no God, and no one to answer to for one's actions. Worst of all, Katniss, the main character, has an almost complete lack of morals, as well as situational ethics that should leave a Christian confused.
In the very beginning, she is seen sacrificing her own life to save her younger sister, but that is where any Christlike character from her ends. She is convinced that she is against the idea of Hunger Games (the death arena where teens are expected to kill off each other until one is left standing), and vows to personally injure no one, but that quickly changes once she is actually inside the Games. Katniss, instead of refusing to play, laying down her own life for justice, like her love interest Peeta does, soon decides to survive at all costs, killing easily when necessary. Also, she chooses the youngest child in the arena to befriend, deciding that her life is worth saving, while the others, also "innocent" teens, she has no problem murdering. When a boy spears her friend, she drowns him in his own blood, forgetting that he is a victim of the Games like herself. Katniss gives herself a god-like quality of determing who deserves to live and die, dependant on her own feelings at the moment. She shows no mercy and acts without forethought.
On top of all this, she rescues and heals Peeta based almost entirely on her desire to win an audience on TV so that she will be given supplies to outlast the other teenagers. She woos, kisses, and plays with Peeta's emotions, leaving a genuinely kind and sincere young man's heart in her hands, all to selfishly win no matter what. We never see Katniss doing anything (besides her initial sacrifice) for anyone else's good except, ultimately, her own. She is a person devoid of Christlike character who is never shown reaping consequences or answering to God.

A man is often shown drunk.
A teenage girl sips wine.
A woman has gold tattoos above her eyebrows.