Copyright: 2008

Age: Adult


An alien species has taken over the bodies of all humans, minus a select few that resist. One of these, Melanie, is strong enough to fight back when her body is overcome. She shares memories of her boyfriend and brother to the tenderhearted alien living in her body, causing her to seek both out, shaking up both the human and alien's way of life.

Sexuality: 8

A young woman asks a young man to kiss her. The young man puls her body against his and kisses her lightly. The young woman shoves her mouth against the young man and grips his neck. His lips open and catch her lower lip between his teeth. He makes a low, wild sound.
A young man puts his hand on a young woman's small of her back as they kiss. It is said they are so close that they gasp and their breath mingles. He presses her against the wall. "No part of her is not fused to him. They touch noses. It is said there is a fire on their lips that scorch down the throat.. They "taste all of each other's faces. Her legs wrap around his waist, their tongues twist, it is said that there is desire and lips attack. The young woman yanks the young man's shirt up and feels his stomach muscles. They bite each other. A young woman thinks a young man's face is beautiful and it sitrs "strange deep pleasures" in her.
A young man pulls a teenage girl into his body tiwce.
A young man puts a finger on a teenage girl's neck. (No sexual intent.)
A young man kisses a teenage girl on the lips.
A young man straddles a teenage girl's chest.
A young couple hold hands many many times. once the teenage girl's skin burns.
A young man kisses a teenage girl and her stomach knots up. It says it steals her breath. She runs her fingers through his hair.
A young woman's hands reach across a bed searching for a young man to be there.
Love is said to not fade when one's mind is taken over. Love is said to be a physical drive. Human bodies are said to have drives with no equal. People are told to conquer the "mating instinct."
A young woman grieves for a young man she loves.
A woman hugs a younger woman and it is said to feel too intimate.
A woman asks a young woman if her body reacts on a chemical level. (Implying sexually)
It is said that a young man constantly touches a teenage girl in little ways. She wonders if he realizes what it does to her sexually.
A teenage girl thinks about kissing a young man.
A teenage girl thinks a young man is good-looking.
A young man tucks a teenage girl against his side. It makes her heart ache.
A teenage girl offers to share a bed with a young man. (Sexual intent.)
A young man holds a young woman's chin.
It is said that there is a "fire" between a couple's bodies.
A teen girl feels a young man's breath on her cheek.
A teenage girl says she wants to be with a young man and says she doesn't want him to stop touching her. He touches her arm. When they kiss it is said there are "flames in their lips," hands in hair, heart about to combust. He moves his lips to her ear. She tries to find his lips again and reaches for them.
An unmarried couple talks about having sex and birth control. (Little detail).
A young man touches his lips to a teenage girl's eyebrows.
A woman is said to share a room with a male partner.
A young man touches a young woman's shoulders. HIs fingers stroke her face from temple to chin.
A young woman leans her head on a young man's chest.
An alien said she is not able to separate herself from what her human body wants. (Sexual intent.)
A woman says an alien fell in love with a man. "How can a worm fall in love with a man?" she asks.
A young woman touches a young man's back.
A man and woman are said to be partnered. (No mention of marriage, sexual intent.)
Aliens are said to have three genders and three separate parents.
A young woman thinks about the contours of a man's chest under her hands.
A young man holds a young woman's elbow.
A man puts his hand under a young woman's chin.
A man wants to sleep next to a young woman to protect her.
A man presses a young woman's shoulder.
A young woman wants to feel the warmth of a man's body next to her in bed.
A man pulls a young woman's face around.
A man pulls a young woman into his lap and tucks her head under his chin.
A young woman feels the warmth of a man's body as she sits in his lap.
A man's fingers brush against a young woman's arms.
A young woman wants to touch a man's face.
A man takes a young woman's face between his hands. He kisses her hard and rough. Her lips move in unfamiliar patterns. While kissing, her hand reaches for his hair.
A man says "I love you" twice.
A man holds a young woman's hand. She feels warmth. (No sexual intent.)
A man lifts a young woman in his arms.
A man pins a young woman to his chest and wraps his arms around her while rescuing another man.
A man feels a young woman's injured ankle and thigh. A young woman's bare ribs are examined in front of two men.
A man puts his fingers on a young woman's lips.
A man kisses a young woman's forehead.
There are hints about remembering that human reproduction is elaborate.
Aliens are said to be sexless and have queens.
A young man picks up and carries a young woman.
A man puts his arm around a crippled young woman's waist and puts her arm around his neck.
A man wraps his arm around a young woman.
A man is said to have a "crush on a worm."
A young woman invites a man to sleep in her room. (No sexual intent.) Another young woman gives her a hard time.
A young woman says a man was starting to have feelings for another young woman.
A man tells another man to keep his hands off of a young woman.
A man says a young woman's pody belongs to him.
A man says a young woman doesn't respond to physical contact. A man disagrees, implying he has touched her romantically.
A man likes an alien.
A man trails his fingers up and down a young woman's arm.
A young woman remembers a young man's hands rubbing her arm.
A man says a young woman is beautiful.
A man stcokes a young woman's cheek and brushes her hair back from her forehead.
A man kisses a young woman lightly and brushes back and forth across her mouth. He move his lips when she moves hers to speak.
A man kisses a young woman with more force, catching her lower lip and pulling gently.
A young woman thinks about a young man's smile, eyes, lips, and hands on skin.
A young woman and man discuss her kissing another young man.
A young man puts his hand on a young woman's knee.
A young man offers to sleep with a young woman. (No sexual intent.)
A young man hugs a young woman enthusiastically.
A young woman tickles a young man's stomach. He catches her fingers and reels her in to kiss her.
A young man puts an arm around a young woman.
A young man tells a woman that a man was infatuated with her.
A young woman offers to let a young man sleep in her room. (No sexual intent.) He gets excited and leers.
A young man asks to kiss a young woman.
A young man puts a young woman's head on his lap while she is asleep.
A man picks a young woman up and carries her a couple times.
A young woman gets changed in front of a young man.
A man hugs a young woman.
A man's fingers brush a young woman's face.
A boy thinks scars will impress girls.
A man strokes a young woman's arm.
A young man's hand slides down a young woman's neck to her shoulder, pulling her close.
A young woman lays her head on a man's stomach. He strokes her hair. Another young man lays his head on her stomach. He holds her hand to his face.
A young woman feels a man's legs stretched by hers. (No sexual intent.)
A young woman brushes a young man's face.
A man traces patterns on a young woman.
A young woman catches a man's face, his chin in her hand.
A husband and wife kiss.
A man puts a hand on a young woman's shoulder.
A young woman thinks about kissing.
A young man lies down with a young woman and cruls around the curve of her back, makes his arm a pillow, and drapes his other arm around her waist.
A young woman is said to have a subtle curviness.
A young man falls onto a young woman and buries his head into her stomach, wrapping his arms around her waist.
A couple profess love to each other.
A couple kisses, and it is said that their lips fuse together. It is said that their kisses make them dizzy, gasping for air.
A young man nuzzles his face against a young woman and kisses her. She kisses his forehead.
A young woman lies about her age to have a relationship with a man.
A man puts his arms around a young woman's waist. A teenage girl is jealous.
A man's palm sends a jolt throughout a teenage girl.
A young woman sleeps in a ball on a young man's chest.
A couple sleeps close and it is said that arms hold them close to their bodies.
A couple talks about moving in together.
It is said that a couple kisses in the most "unplatonic way possible."
Brief mention that child abuse can be a problem. (No description.)

Violence: 7

In the beginning of the book, there is a poem about how to function when your body dies.
A scalpel is used to cut through the skin at the base of a young woman's neck. Medication stills the any excess flow of blood. The fissure is widened and the scalpel delves between neck muscles carefully to expose bone. A tiny alien then enters and takes over the body.
A young woman's last memory is of pain and being pursued. She tries to commit suicide by jumping into an elevator shaft.
It is said that "pain is everything."
A man accuses a woman of liking violence.
Aliens are armed with "killing weapons" and run a young woman down.
Humans are said to kill inhabited humans.
A young woman is assessed as to whether her body was too damaged and should be disposed of.
Humans are said to kill easily and thoughtlessly.
It is said that there is a fierce and bloody battle going on between humans and aliens.
It is said that a man knocks another man unconscious and tried to cut an alien out of his neck with a scalpel. The man was then put to death.
It is said that someone sweated out all of the water left in her body.
A young woman's calves hurt from crouching.
People are said to be starving.
A man grabs a young woman and threatens her life. He holds his knife up to her jaw and chokes her. She elbows him in the gut but it only hurts her. She then jabs at his heel and his instep. She scratches his arm and knees him in the groin.
A man is said to have scarred his own neck.
Aliens are said to sneakily invade human bodies by inviting humans over to their homes.
Aliens are worried humans will get violent. There is talk about killing a stubborn human.
There is brief mention that planet earth contains war, murder, torture, starvation, and child abuse..
A young woman goads an alien to kill her. The alien considers it to have someone more compliant.
A young woman thinks that footsteps sound like someone being hit.
A young woman vomits and her stomach heaves uselessly.
A young woman shakes a woman by her collar.
One thousand sentient beings are said to have starved and died rather than be hosts to aliens.
Aliens are said to have accidentally murdered intelligent beings due to cultural prejudice.
A young woman imagines choking another woman and her face turning blue. She receives a fierce wave of pleasure at the thought.
A man is said to have died in a car accident.
A young woman worries that an alien will kill her cousin.
Carrying a heavy load makes a young woman feel as if her arms popped halfway out of her sockets.
A young woman's arm goes to sleep.
A young woman worries about being killed.
There is a newspaper article about a man burning his three-year-old daughter to death and murdering his wife and two children, another article about two people killed and three injuried in a durnk driving, about suicide, child molestation, and pets slaughtered and left in trash bins.
A young woman asks another young woman if she wants bleach to throw in someone's eyes or to "brain" them with the bottle. The young woman refuses.
A young woman's body aches from hiking with little food and water. She assumes she will die in the desert. Her muscles have cramps and spasms.
A man threatens a young woman with a machete.
A woman slaps a young woman's face twice.
A young woman worries about being tortured.
A man smashes the back of his hand into a young woman's face. Her head slams into the rock floor and her body hits with dull thumps. Turning her head sends daggers of agony. She passes out.
A young woman is said to have burned off all of the fingerprints on her right hand from touching a hot pan.
A man attacks another man. He gasps, chokes, and gurgles.
A man shoves a young woman. He grabs her arms and pins them, bending the joints back too far.
A man grabs a man and forces his neck forward.
A man rams an elbow into a man's stomach and punches his nose, blood splattering the wall and a lamp.
A man puts his hands around someone's throat. It causes agonizing pain.
A man punches another man.
A man's face is said to be covered in blood. Blood sprays off of his lips.
Someone is said to have fallen in hot springs and died.
A man's nose was said to have been broken by a punch.
A young woman lives in constant fear of being killed.
A coyote drags someone into the desert. They are not seriously hurt.
A man says people would shoot an alien young woman. A man jokes that he misses the thrill of having someone to shoot at. (He is joking.)
A man wonders if insertion hurts.
A young woman's teeth cut her tongue. She feels the taste of blood flowing in her mouth.
A man dies of cancer. In the final stages, some of his bones snap. They feel hollow. He screams in pain, "Make it stop!" It is said to be excruciating. A man sticks a needle into him to kill him by giving him a morphine overdose to save him from his suffering.
A woman holds a man at the end of antique sword while questioning him.
Aliens are said to take human samples to study them.
A man threatens to shoot a young woman.
A man thumps a boy on the back hard and affectionately.
A man grabs and shakes a young woman. He grabs her by the wrists and hurls her into a wall. She feels warm fluid on her face. Boxes fall on her.
A boy punches a man in the nose. Blood oozes over his lips.
There is talk about aliens discarding adult humans.
A man threatens to beat another man if he hurts a young woman.
A young woman punches a man in the jaw.
A young woman bites her lip until it bleeds.
A young woman bruises herself climbing through boxes.
A man tries to kill a young woman. He grabs her and hits her legs with a rock. He lands on her and knocks her head. He tries to drown her. He punches her side. The young woman pulls the man's hair out. The man smacks his head against a stone pillar. The young woman is bleeding and has her face smashed into the pillar.
A young woman thinks it will be fun to see a man beat another man.
A man hits another man in the face.
Aliens who want to produce young must kill themselves in excruciating pain to divide and create the next generation.
An alien imagines millions of tiny babies dying.
Brothers play fight.
A man holds a young woman's hand too tight.
A man is worried another man might kill a young woman.
A young woman wants to shove, hit, and kick a man. She imagines smashing her foot into his nose, leaving it crooked.
A baby alien is dissected, its silver blood all over a blanket and the wall. A young woman, who sees it, throws up.
A young woman is slapped.
An alien is said to have been killed by a falling tree.
An alien thinks a man is a monster who wants to cut her to pieces.
Trying to remove aliens causes them to slice up their human hosts' brains.
A young woman tells a man to kill her.
Hands claw and shove a young woman.
A young woman bites a man's lips.
A boy is said to be dying of an infection.
A man chloroforms another man.
A man hits a young woman with a rock to disguise her.
A young woman cuts her arm with a knife. She screams.
A man cuts open a boy's infected wound.
There is a conversation about a show where a boy punches a bully.
There is talk about blood.
A couple talk about suicide to avoid being caught by aliens.
A man is shot beneath the collarbone.
A man is killed when a bullet pierces his forehead and blows out the back of his head.
A young woman wants to die to let another young woman live.
A bear is said to have been sheared in half, its upper body flying and landing beside a young woman. Its blood melts into the snow.
An alien cuts open another alien to insert a third alien. Bloody operation details.
A man says that his mother should've drowned his brother. Or that he should've killed him.
A young man smashes a foot into another young man's face twice.

Language: 6

"He--" is used nine times.
"Idiot" is used six times.
"Bugger" is used five times.
"Shut up" is used five times.
"Da-- it" is used three times.
"Stupid" is used three times
"Hurt like he--"
"Sure as he--"
"What the he--"
"Guilty as he--"
"Shut the he-- up"
"worthless body thief," "Worthless maggot," and "worthless hide"
"Old fool"
"Cheesed off"
"Screw up"
"Beat the snot out of"
"Fat mouth"
"Hypocritical swine"

Christian Principles: None

This book is definitely about beings called "souls" who take over human's bodies. However, the similarity to demon possession ends there. The author makes it very clear that the beings are aliens from a different planet. They are portrayed as "cluelessly" innocent in their domination and mass assimilation of the planets they take over and kill. They are described as "good," honest, selfless, etc.

The Bible says that no one is good, no not one. We are all sinners who have failed at God's standard. However, science fiction always falls a little short in spiritual truth and morals. Aliens clearly can't be sinless because only Christ is. But did Christ die for the aliens in this fake world? The aliens say they don't believe in an afterlife and "don't buy into faith." The "pearly gates" are described as a "fairy tale place." Obviously God should still be portrayed as the Creator over all, including aliens, but it is implied that they evolve and live forever. And what are the standards for their lives? Is taking over someone else's body wrong or right in such a world? Murder would seem to be murder, however, the aliens claim they then make our planet a better, more moral world. Apart from Christ, no one is capable of righteousness. Therefore, it's an impossible scenario. The humans claim that their sin-pervaded world is better than a perfect, more moral planet. They say, "There are no highs without lows." Much discussion about works-based righteousness vs. true faith in Jesus Christ to save would be wise.

Wanda, the alien, is a very, very moral character, who comes to see her practice of inhabiting her victim's bodies and killing their consciousnesses as wrong. However, her solution is just to send her fellow aliens off to other planets to take over other beings without their wills. She would rather sacrifice her own life than take over another body, but her solution for the rest of her kind seems temporary and not about fixing the heart attitude. Somehow other aliens who are being annihilated don't matter - only save the humans.

Romantically, the book describes quite a bit of lust. Love seems to exist from someone's body, as if the body acts on its own. The young people often cannot control themselves and their bodies. As to being in love with an alien, morally, it's again difficult to see right and wrong. Two men love two different conscious beings, but they are in one body, so the two women are constantly experiencing intimate encounters and passionate kisses with two different men. It makes the critic uncomfortable, although she agrees that some of that is due to the essence of science fiction. The critic would definitely never recommend this book to a child or teenager, however, it is important that the parent, who chooses to allow their child to read this, is aware of the implications and sexual content of the novel in order to make the right decision.

A man drinks brandy.
A man is kept drunk because he is suffering as he dies of cancer.