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Age: 16+


The sixth in James Patterson's Maximum Ride series, Fang is the continuation of the story of children created in laboratories with human and bird DNA and their mission to protect themselves against the whole world. It also covers the climax of the Max/Fang romance.

Sexuality: 7

It is mentioned that babies come from eggs.
It is mentioned that everyone would be staring at girls' beach volleyball.
A teenage girl frequently thinks about a teenage boy's looks.
A man is said to have a hospital gown that is open from the back.
A teenage girl checks two teenage boys' necks. She thinks about one that she has kissed and she pulls down the shirt collar of another and thinks about how he smells. It is all a bit adolescently sensual.
A boy is mentioned as having a muscular torso.
A teenage boy and girl leave together and spend time kissing. The boy trails his finger down the girl's cheek.
A teenage boy pulls a teenage girl against his chest.
A teenag boy puts his hands around a teenage girl's waist and kisses her.
Children tease a teenage boy couple that they were "making kissy face."
A group of children and teens sleep all together. Nothing sexual is implied, but one couple is in love with each other and the teenage boy holds the teenage girl's hand and rubs her back until she falls asleep. They are also said to have their legs tangled together.
There is a mention of corsets.
Teens have their arms around each other, hands in each other's hair. The boy kisses the girl's neck and the girl holds the boy's face. Many kisses.
A teenage boy strokes up and down a teenage girl's arms.
A girl thinks, "Mmmm" about a teenage boy's looks.
A teenage boy's eyes meet a teenage girl's and she shivers.
A teenage girl remarks that she knows what it's like to kiss a teenage boy until they are breathless.
A teenage boy is said to be designed for a teenage girl.
A teenage girl relives her makeout time with a teenage boy in her mind.
A teenage boy looks at a teenage girl, making her want to sneak off with him alone.
A teenager is described as being "hot."
A teenage boy puts his arm around a teenage girl and squeezes.
"My sweet patootie."
A teenage boy holds a strand of a teenage girl's hair and tells her it is pretty. They kiss and hold each other until they are "glued together," kissing and murmuring to each other.
A teen questionaire asks a teenage boy if he wears boxers or briefs. (The boy does not reply.)
A teen questionaire asks a teenage boy if he is really "gay" and pretending to be "straight" by kissing a teenage girl and if he is "experimenting with his sexuality."
A teen questionaire asks a teenage boy if he secretly thinks he is "the sexiest person in the whole world."
A teen questionaire asks a teenage boy if he has dirty thoughts about a teenage girl. It then asks if he has dirty thoughts about Spongebob.
A teenage boy describes a teenage girl as having nice lips. He writes that when they kiss they do it so passionately they can sometimes bang teeth.
Adult scientists are trying to get a teenage girl "mated."
A girl kicks a man "where it counts."

Violence: 7

In the book, the children are constantly in battle situations where they are frequently beat up, but, according to their highly mutated bodies, none of it drastically hurts them or causes permanent damage. The violence is over the top, but it occasionatlly seems a bit comic book-like.

A teenage girl claps her hands over her enemies ears, popping their eardrums.
A man shotos another man and it is said he lost blood.
A six or seven year old girl threatens to shoot a teenage girl.
A teenage boy throws up.
A teenage boy has a bloody nose and big gouges in his arm that he miraculously heals.
A girl yanks her pinkie back into alignment after a fight.
A teenage girl snaps a man's kneecap.
Experimenting scientists show pictures of horrible deformities on their website. People are described as having skin disorders, horrific tumors, bulging eyeballs like baseballs, swollen neck glands, inflamed muscles, and deformed limbs
A scientist has human eyeballs in a jar.
A teenage boy gives another teenage boy what is described as an inappropriate scary thriller book.
A girl cuts another girl with a sharp rock on her hand. Blood flows. (The girl heals herself.) Later it is said that hundreds of needles have been injected into this girl.
A teenage girl mentions that she has seen brains on a stick.
Children and teenagers are shot at by camel riders. There are a couple of close calls until the young people smash their feet into the riders' backs, knocking them off their animals. They knock one man in the stomach with a gun.
A teenage girl's ankles are rubbed raw by sand and are bleeding.
To prove his healing capabilities, a scientist injects himself with a needle and chops off the tip of his pinke.
A teenage girl grabs a younger girl by the shirt and pulls her to her feet.
A teenage girl has a dream where she slaps a much younger girl in the head and it splits open.
A dog bites a wolf mutant.
A wolf mutant is hit with a lamp.
A wolf mutant's skin is said to split under a teenage girl's fist.
A mutant kicks a teenage boy in the chest.
A mutant tries to snap a girl's wings.
A mutant's fur is ripped out with a kitchen appliance. It is kicked in the stomach and the blade from the food processor forces it out a window where it falls to its death.
A man's arm is pinned down and a needle held to his vein but a teenage boy plunges it into his own arm instead. (There are no ill consequences.)
A teenage boy receives a dart in the arm. He falls and hits his head, which is said to be clotted with blood and a pulpy lump. His fingers feel on fire, his ribs are broken and his nose is broken after he tries to fight off his attackers. He almost dies.
A teenage girl plunges a needle into a teenage boy's chest. (It saves his life.)
A group of children and teenagers knock guards down. One girl throws a hard punch on a guard's face and his skin splits. Another hits one in the crotch. One is kicked on the head to knock them out. Guards are kicked back into a wall, and have their breath knocked out.
A man, that turns out to be a robot-like machine, has his neck twisted until his face comes off in a girl's hand.

Language: 7

"Good Lord" is used twice.
God's Name is used in vain ten times.
"Heck" is used seven times.
"Who the he-- are you?" and "What the he--" is used twice.
"Helluva" and "hella."
"Freaking" is used seven times as well as "freak" four times.
"Butter my butt," "butthead," "pain in the butt," and "kick butt."
"Flipping" is used three times.
"Piss off."
"Dang" is used three times.
"Suck" is used five times.
"Crap" is used ten times.
"Mother of God"
A man is referred to as "Doctor God."
"Jerks" twice
"Shut up" is used five times.
"Backstabbing little ingrates"
"Oh my goodness"
"Gosh" is used three times.
"Jeezum" and "jeezumpete."
"Go jump."
"I swear."
"What the hey."
A boy is called "Gazzy" for his farts.
A teenage girl thinks that a boy's looks have been designed by "Gods R' Us."
A teenage girl remarks about a place being "shot to hell" and someone is said to look like hell.
A group makes a fire out of "camel poop."

Christian Principles: None

Not only is the Maximum Ride series about a group of very young teenagers and children who make their own decisions, live on their own, and answer to no one, but there is no God to be held accountable to as well for questions of morality. Situational ethics rule the day, making the children themselves out to be gods and their lives worth more than anyone else's. In an effort to make them appear as "good guys" and not just failed lab experiments without much of a soul, James Patterson has them helping out with worthless causes or half-hearted "good deeds" like trying to "homeschool" themselves, global warming, HIV aid, or the vague notion of an upcoming apocalypse, but in reality, the books center around young adults off being and doing whatever they want. The children are unrealistically tough, strong, and constantly fighting people they don't even know much about. They are always threatened, almost always hated, and who the good or bad characters are aren't very clear.

Evolution is discussed, as well as the concept that "heaven must be like lasagna." All of the children, including the seven-year-old, get tattoos. Scientists are said to "play god" and try to intricately control their lives. There is a reference to "smoking apples," which is unclear, as well as a question of whether a young man is homosexual or not. Even though he isn't, someone asks him if he is experimenting with his sexuality. All throughout the book two teenagers have almost unlimited access to alone time with each other where they passionately engage in continual making out sessions. Also, two dogs are said to get married in an actual wedding ceremony as well as a boy is asked if he has dirty thoughts about Spongebob Squarepants.

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