Copyright: 2007

Age: 16+


In a world where longevity drugs make everyone live forever, Anna is born a surplus. She lives out her undeserved existence in a prison-like hall, training to be a valuable asset to a community in which she will never be a legal, wanted citizen. She has been made to believe that her parents are the enemy, sinners for conceiving her, and that she should always know her place below her betters... until a boy named Peter arrives with a very different story.

Sexuality: 6

Girl sees an elderly woman's naked body as she assists her from a shower.
Brief list of women's undergarments
Discussion of menstration and fertility. Menstration of surplus children is considered undesirable because they are then fertile. People take birth control.
A boy and girl sleep in a cell, huddled together for warmth (no sexual intent).
A boy and girl hide from capture and wrap their arms around each other. The girl thinks they hold each other so close they feel "like one."
A boy and a girl are in love with each other, hold hands, and protect each other (no sexual intent).
Girl nestles her head in a boy's chest and wonders why "it got so hot in the car."
A teenage boy and girl kiss, with no description beyond the word "awkward."
A woman confronts her husband about his affair with another woman.

Violence: 6

A girl is asked to beat another girl but she only slaps her.
Boys punch each other and kick a boy's head.
Bullies beat up on a smaller girl.
It is mentioned that girls have forced other girls to lick the floor and eat feces.
A woman beats a boy's fingers with a cane, breaking one finger and bloodying the rest.
A domestic servant hits a girl and knocks her unconscious.
Girls tell scary stories about a two-headed baby that eats its parents, a child who is burned alive, and another that is attacked by a flower.
Mention of children being so scared they lose bladder control.
A woman intends to inject a teenage boy with something that will kill him.
Girl bites lip so hard it draws blood.
Children are chased by police.
A woman beats children when they are "naughty," according to her.
A woman is threatened with prison where she will lose her longevity drugs and her internal organs will fail.
Police threaten and interrogate people.
A man cuts a woman's finger with a knife.
There is a description about abortion.
A man takes away a baby with intent to murder him.
A woman threatens to shoot herself to save a child.
There is a detailed description of a woman shooting a man in the head.
A man and a woman take pills, committing suicide, to save their children.

Language: 5

Children are called words like "useless," "worthless," "ugly," "criminal scum," and "stupid." Children are told they have no right to exist and that no one would care about them if they died. Children talk about hating their stupid parents (because of brainwashing from the government). Two uses of "crap." Two uses of "slut." God's Name in vain

Christian Principles: None

Although the hero and heroine are loyal, loving, and fight for life, there is no mention of God. Instead, "Mother Nature" is referred to quite a bit. Supposedly, "she" is the creator of everything. Children are told that they hurt "Mother Nature" by being alive and that they owe "her" a debt. A girl looks at a baby and wonders how "Mother Nature" could have created anything so beautiful. The heroine also leaves another younger, smaller, and more helpless girl with the enemy, doing nothing to save her in the end. We are unsure whether the younger girl is even alive. Abortion and totalitarianism are represented as evil, but there are no references as to why they are considered so. No one is held accountable to a higher being of any kind besides "Mother Nature."

Scripture Verses for discussion:
Genesis 1:1, Genesis 1:27-28, Psalm 139:13-16, Matthew 25:42-45, Psalm 106:38, Jeremiah 7:31, 1 Peter 4:5