BoneMan's Daughters by Ted Dekker

Copyright: 2010

A woman blatantly continues in committing adultery.

A man has no personal view of God and is constantly thinking of himself as if he was a deity and in a position of omnipotence where he does whatever necessary to get what he wants.

Detailed descriptions of an Arab terrorist forcing an American intelligence officer to watch him break all of the bones of children.
A serial killer who kidnaps teenage girls to force them to become his "daughter" and love him. When they refuse, he breaks every bone in their body, leaving them to die of internal bleeding. After kidnapping protagonist Ryan Evan's daughter, the killer forces the man to brutally slaughter another man in order to save his daughter. Situational ethics about how Ryan Evans is willing to break every bone in the man's body because his daughter is worth more. Explicit description of all the bones in the human body and how to break them. We see the grown man, who is the victim, terrified and sobbing as Ryan Evans proceeds to gruesomely follow his task of slowly killing him.

The critic had to put the book down because a 10 in violence would not have covered the detailed grisly scenes and she was through trying to stomach the atrocities.

Furthermore, there are many curse words as well as seventeen instances of the Lord's Name in vain in the first half of the book alone.

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